Tuesday, May 29, 2012


On May 7th, we left the comfort of Eisuke's home for a train ride and a hotel room. We stayed in Nasushiobara for two days. This place had a lot to see like this temple and the surrounding landscape.

You could not get away from the sound of flowing water here. It was everywhere. I had never before seen so much water. It was flowing in rivers, under the streets through drain pipes. It was amazing.

While we were walking along this river, we spotted a family of monkeys on the opposite river bank. So, out came the 200mm lens, and I was able to get some shots of them.

This area is well known in Japan for its hot springs, called onsen in Japanese. We knew this before going there, but thought that they were all at the hot spring resorts, with a few natural ones that would be found off the beaten path. We were quite surprised to come up on a few open natural hot springs that were just right along the hiking trails.

The best place to see here was Ryuka no taki, or white dragon falls. It was a bit of a hike to get there, it seems the walk is always uphill in Japan, but this was worth it. The waterfall at the top is 60 meters (197 feet) tall and 130 meters (426 feet) long. The word ryu means dragon, and they say this looks like a white dragon. I guess it is a sort of serpentine looking waterfall.

The walk to get there was just as scenic, with fast flowing rivers and creeks, waterfalls, and steep cliffs.

After seeing this, we went on to see the Momijidani suspension bridge. This bridge is 320 meters (1,049 feet) long. In the center of the bridge is a grate-like thing that you can walk on and look down the 40 meters (131 feet) down to the water.

Once we were done here, it was back on the train to Tokyo to catch our bus at 8:20 PM for the over 9 hour ride back to Takamatsu.

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