Sunday, September 2, 2012


On August 28th, traveled around the Okayama area. The first stop in the city of Kurashiki. The old merchant area is called Bikan, and has many 17th century warehouses. The area is still a merchant area today, though now it is all sales of tourist type items.

 The streets on Bikan
 The merchant area today seems to be selling mostly tourist type items.
This western style building stands out in this area.
 An old house that was built by a wealthy merchant for his wife.
 A swan spreads his wings just as I was taking some photos.
People take a boat ride along the canal. The boater was using a pole to push them along.

 From Bikan we went to a nearby shrine named Achi-jinja.
 Of course, all temples and shrines in Japan require a lot of walking up stairs. I counted 195 to reach the top.
 Finally at the top.
The view of Kurashiki from the top of Achi shrine.

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