Monday, June 11, 2012

Kikaku Koen

On June 3rd, we went to the syobu matsuri, which is the iris festival held at kikaku park. There were many iris flowers of course...

and what area in Japan would not have a temple or shrine nearby that comes complete with steep steps?

There were also dance and taiko performances.

complete with dragon

On our way back from the iris festival, we went to tsubaki no shiro, which translates to camellia castle. It was the most useless building I have ever seen. It was apparently built by a famous architect, but I guess you have to be an architect to appreciate such things. It appeared to me to have the same design structure as the fort we built as little kids with scraps of lumber that we gathered from the neighborhood.

View from inside
 View from the back

View from the road

The bridge that is used to get across the road at least served a purpose, but it had what looked like observation decks that there was no way to get to.

The one thing that was nice about the site was the nearby shrine. It was small, but still interesting to see.

After that we stopped of at a damn.

From here we had an excellent view

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