Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Manno Ike

Manno Ike, translates into Manno Pond. This is the largest irrigation reservoir in Japan, and dates back to the Taiho period (701 AD).

We went to see them open the flood gates, which apparently they do every year to provide irrigation for the rice fields. Yukiko's mother wanted to go see it and said that it would be a large amount of water and you can feel the power of the water. As you can see below, it was actually quite unimpressive.

Flood gates closed

Flood gates open

We did get to see a resident koi that was caught up in all this. Luckily, the current was slow enough that he was having no trouble at all. 

One thing that I get a kick out of doing at these events is photographing the photographers and videographers that are photographing me. It confuses the heck out of them as is apparent in the first photo.

Is he photographing me photographing him?

Look ma, I'm on TV!!!

And that was that. For anybody who is thinking to go and see this in the future; don't waste your time.

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